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    RiteTemp 6036 issues

    Hi, I have a RiteTemp 6036 thermostat installed in my house. It's a single-zone heating / cooling system. Recently, I've noticed that the thermostat will get the house temperature to it's target but it won't turn-off the AC.

    For example, the thermostat is set to cool to 74 and the current temp will be 74 or, more often, 73.5, but the thermostat won't turn off the AC.

    If I manually turn-off the thermostat and then turn it back on, it won't kick the AC back on until the temp rises above the target temp. If I don't manually turn-off the thermostat, i've seen it end up running the AC for an extra 20 or 30 minutes. Any thoughts on why it's struggling to turn-off automatically?

    I'm assuming this is a thermostat issue, not an AC issue. Could this be faulty setup, or a faulty device? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks...

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    Did you ever figure this out? Mine is doing the exact same thing.

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    unfortunately, i have nothing further to report. sorry...

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    Rite temp thermostats are of poor quality your best bet would be to get yourself a nice honeywell thermostat installed

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    I agree it is probably thermostat. I have seen one this year that was heating internally but it never shut off. It seems the cheaper the thermostat the stranger the problems.

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    your thermostat may not be picking up the temp. swing with in range. Have you tried adjusting the actual temp setting higher when you have reached temp see if thermostat shuts off at 75* when temp. is reading 74* try 76* and more to see when or if it shuts off.

    See how much differrential is. If its shuts off at 78* when its reading 74* you have a 4 degree swing which can cost you a fortune in energy bills as the AC will try to get temp down to 70* to shut off unit while you are trying to maintain a 74* house temp. If you are off more then 1 degree on a digital thermostat I would replace it if there is no programming to adjust the temp swing range.

    I personally do not like rite temp and I do have a preference of what type of thermostats I install nothing that can be found at your local hardware store, home depot/ lowes.

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