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    I'm attempting to heat and cool the second floor of an old house with no current heating or cooling. I've had 4 contractors look at the job all selling differnt brands of equipment. The general consensus is that a 2 or 2.5 ton air source heat pump with the air handler with a 5 or 10 kw heat strip and duct work in the attic.

    The bids vary widely in price. I've asked all to bid their recommendations although I made it a point to let them know I try to be a value buyer (want equipment of quality and efficiency that will pay off in the long run). From my reading on this site, it seems the more important factor in value is finding a contractor that does a quality installation job. My problem is I am ignorant on what to look for in a good contractor. Can somebody give me a few questions I should ask?

    Thanks for any suggestion.

    P.S. Should I rule out the contractor that didn't bring a tape measure? I did tell him approximately how many square feet. Would you be surprised if I told you he was the cheapest by almost 25% over the next lowest?

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    Where are you located?

    Look for returns in every room if space allows. Look for r value of the flex duct, quality of the difusers, air filtering. Low and high returns if in a cool climate.
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    I'm smack dab in the middle of the country; hot in the summer, cold in the winter. The people who have lived in this house over the last 100 years are much tougher than I.

    All four contractors went with one return in a central hallway. Vents are all in the ceiling.

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    Tell us what city, maybe somebody on here is from there. Something like that anyway

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    contractor help

    You can find contractors one the websides for the system you are interested in, or go to the webside...going with the cheapest contractor ist not something I would recommend, especially if he comes tapemeasure...I had a guy like that at my house..didn't do a manual load..nothing but guess work. Remember the best equipment if not installed right will bring you nothing but sorrow. As more contractors you "invite" as more confusing and amusing it will get. Get you a big cup of coffee and read the posted threats here, it will take a while but it is worth it and you will learn a thing or two....good luck.

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    Thanks for the info and advice.

    The installation is what makes me wonder. It seems that a quality installation is based solely on the person doing the installation. While I've already ruled out the low bid, the others appear competent to me....but then what do I know. I'll take your advice, be patient and keep reading.


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