I just did a service call on a (WWG)50827 Tecumseh W/C Condenser 3/4 - 1 1/2Hp water cooled condenser coil. The coil was leaking refrigerent so I replaced it. Once I had it all put together and brazed/soldered together, I ran the water through the coil to check for leaks. I found a water leak on the water oulet coil of the coil where I replaced an old hose/hose clamp assembly with a hard piped pex system. My solder joint that was copper to a pex adaptor leaked for some strange reason. So when I tried to repair it, with the pex line open to atmosphere, every time I soldered the joint I had water bubbling out of the joint. This confuses the s&*t out of me because I never had a problem soldering when a joint is open to atmosphere. Does anyone have any input to help me please?