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    Should the furnace blower be in the ON position as opposed to Auto? I've been told that by leaving the blower on 24/7 the house will heat/cool better and save energy. Is this fact or fiction? Thanks

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    Running the fan 24/7 can potentially even temperatures out in a house, especially in two story applications. In essence you are homogenizing the air.

    However, it's often a bad idea for a number of reasons. Many duct systems leak excessively causing artificially high infiltration any time the fan runs. That drives outdoor humidity, contaminants and whatever else inside. And if you only have one or two returns then any bedroom that has a closed door will also cause pressurization issues, which has a similar effect.

    The bottom line is that some people in some instances will perceive improved comfort by running the fan. But many get just the opposite. And unless you have an unusually tight duct system with good return placement, the odds are good that you'll increase your bill.

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