it is amazing the ignorance of installers here (hacks)in south jersey!i finally got what i think is good tech. in this area. he is also a mech. engineer, so he seemed to know what he is talking abt.he is amana dealer. only person to bring a tape measure for heat calc, etc.2 others only wanted to sell cadillac with no facts to back them up! i have ruled out several installers on phone just due to their lack of knowledge abt duel heat. several say no way!! too expensive for hp heat.i had argument with rheem dealer just yesterday who insisted that there was no way hp would be cheaper to run anytime!! this whole thing for me has evolved into a monster. started out with goodman 5 ton ac and furnace, to be installed by friend in hvac buiseness, who is now not able to do job(THANK GOD). now want duel heat VS furnace 2stage r10a comp.etc. it is astounding to find number of hacks who know nothing abt their trade. i would say only 1 out of 20 ,in this area, has any idea of what they are talking abt. they prey on people who don't know what is available to them. most homeowners rely on reputation or recomendations, but if recomenders do not know what they are talking about, how can they recomend! ie "oh he was real nice guy,had new truck, and he knocked $200 off price" RoBo and Baldloonie (as well as others), kudos to you for informative and unbiased answers on the many threads i have read on this site!! some of you other guys make real as*es of yourselves with your snide remarks and brand bashing. you make your buisness seem so petty. like bounch of old women gossiping!! i have not heard back from amana dealer yet but hope to by monday. unfortunatly he is only contractor i would even consider so far. i would like to get 1 or 2 more estimates for this job. i'm getting worn out by hacks!! guess i'll call sears and home depot for recomends just to see what else is available, but i think goodman amana is most bang for the buck. P.S. wish i knew how to keep this in paragraphs. i type in para., but when i post it squezzes everything together. many thanks to all who post in good faith.