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Thread: Work Trucks

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    Work Trucks

    Lets see some work trucks.

    I'm guessing some of my fellow techs like to work on there trucks too.

    This is my 1988 Ford E350 cutaway utility body. It has a 351w 3 speed auto and a 4.10 rear end. It gets about 7-8 mpg. So tempted to swap in an idi or a cummins 4bt in her.

    It has I believe 225,000 miles. Its only got a 5 digit odometer so i'm not exactly sure how many times its been rolled over. Assuming twice.

    I also have an 88 f250. I get them cheap and can usually fix them pretty cheap.

    I do apartment maintenance so I need all the room I can get for HVAC, Plumbing, Electric, etc. stuff.

    So what do you guys work out of?

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    Since i am a newbie at my place i got a 2000 Dodge van..Next year i should have a new van brand new but a ford Blah

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    For my next promotion, I'll get this one.

    Its been really hot here.

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