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    Is this a bad txv

    I was on heat pump low side pressure 25psi high side 200 psi, I tried to add referigant, the pressures would not move at all, oa 95 ia 83, compressor would kick out every now and then on thermal overload, customer had put a box fan on comperssor and it would not kick off, HELP

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    Would need to know all the readings to know if it was a bad TXV or not.

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    if system has a txv, chances are thats your problem. had the same situation last week on a ac system. suction was 40, head was 225. pulled apart and evap coil was half frosted up, replaced txv and all was fine

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    A restriction in the liquid line filter-drier within the condenser would also cause it to pump-down...
    Do not condemn the TXV without further tests.

    Compressor needs the cold low-side suction vapor to keep it from overheating.
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    What happened when you removed the bulb...if you could (and that has it's tell-tale.)

    I will agree, in SE we have been told by manufactures to expect, and we do see bad this long term will see it and most cannot diagonse.

    But need to know to how to make it not part of the cooling circuit. In essence, have it pin pointed.

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