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    Does this thermostat automatically cut in the emergency heat once the balance point is reached on the "HEAT" setting? Or does it need to be set to "Em. Heat" to use the aux heat strips? We are seeing outside temps at 34 F and the system runs a lot with no indication of Em. heat being used.

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    Sounds like your installer wired the system wrong. Dependant on how they set the system up, aux heat should come on at either a certain outdoor temp or differential in set temperature to actual temperature. I can explain this further to ya if need be.

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    if it is a touchtone,you can set it up to do anything,also,on some dual fuel applications...there must be a jumper wire between aux. and emergency heat terminal at stat,dont remeber on straight heat pumps though...i dont believe that it is required

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    The VP tries its best not to bring on strips. Could be that your pump alone is doing well enough even at 34 out. Crank it up 5 degrees and see what happens.

    For emergency heat as first stage, e-aux must be jumped.

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