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Thread: brand bashing

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    Originally posted by RoBoTeq
    Please, if I go to work for another manufacturer, please bash it as well.

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    Originally posted by RoBoTeq
    Just so everyone understands the main reason I post so much on these types of threads; It is the best free advertizing anyone could ask for

    Everytime someone lies about a brand that I know is a lie, I get the oportunity to take the podium and tell all about that brand.

    Please, if I go to work for another manufacturer, please bash it as well.

    So then ,you are the reason Goodman is in more homes than any other brand??LOL again!

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    Dash, --your signature: Brands that don't innovate ,are crap,you know the one!!!
    "You know 'the one'," Wow, and so enlightening and beneficial to the HVAC consumer.

    As contractors, Energy Conservation ought to be our Motto.

    First and foremost, we need to show the HVAC consumer how they can reduce the Btu/hr requirements so that smaller equipment will do the job.

    This is very helpful when the ductwork is undersized and there is a pressing need to reduce the equipment size to match the ductwork airflow capacities. (A typical energy wasting problem.)

    - Darrell

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    I do prefer my manners in posting over dashes as far as being helpful on this forum. I hope others feel the same. I find that sig line to be despicable and a detriment to our trade.

    But why should dash care? All he cares about is promoting that Carrier is the only brand worth installing.
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