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    I bought my first piece of 16 seer equipment today and upon examine it I noiced tht it hadd an expansion valve and a liquid line cylanoid,so i was just curios that was done to help achieve the seer rating and are both of this for metering and wouldn't have to be some rate of bleed over in the cylanoid so tha exap. valve doesnt flood on start or am I over analiizing this

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    flood not the word im looking for wouldnt there have to some bled over so that pressure equalize between the two

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    Check in the electrical compartment, there should be a start kit installed, so it can start without equalizing.

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    The solenoid valve is to prevent equalizing, and the TXV is for feedback controlled metering of refrigerant. With the liquid trapped in the condenser on off cycles, there is less refrigerant migration to the compressor, and less time required to bring the system pressures to operating levels on restart.

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    okay that maked sense just the first time i had ever seen it configured with both on the same system so I was just curios

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    I amnot trying to be to critical here but how can you spell configured correctly and not even come close to the words :





    that maked sense

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