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    I was just wondering if there is any gas equipment built with a carbon monoxide detector built into
    it or is there any that will plug into your furnace boards so tht it will shut down the unit if it detects carbon monoxide in the air stream

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    Not that I am aware of, but the available detectors will alarm long before there is any imminent danger which will give you ample time to shut the systems down yourself.

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    thanks for the reply theres only a hand full of gas system in this area ratio of about 30 hp to 1 gas what brands in your opioin would be a good one to put into my mother in laws she now has this looks like ph paper that changes color and I know b how often she freezes it up that she doesnt ever check her filter so I know she not checking tha paper

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    Nighthawk makes a dependable unit,
    Make sure to get one that plugs in, and has an L.E.D. indicator.

    Should probably buys new ones about every 5 yrs.
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    If you purchase a carbon monoxide alarm over the counter with a UL 2034 rating be warned that it will not protect you from low levels of carbon monoxide.

    You could have levels of 69 ppm in your house for a extended time & it would never alarm.

    The only carbon monoxide monitors that offer true protection are the NSI 3000 from the National Comfort Institute & the CO Experts 2004 from Co Experts.

    Have you set up a Google alert for Carbon Monoxide yet?
    Click here to find out how.

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    Id definetaly want one that is very senative cause i dont trust the pancake style exchangers it has

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