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Thread: LG dehumidifer

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    LG dehumidifer

    i have a LG dehumidifier in my basement, it seems like it only run fan, unplug for few minutes, turn back on, i heard compressor tried to kick in then back to normal fan, absolutely no water in bucket whatsoever, anyone have any idea how to make it back to work, don't want spend any $$$ on it, thanks in advance

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    If you don't want to spend the money to take it to a shop to check it out, then find someone that will dispose of it properly and buy a new one.

    There could be several reasons it won't draw water but most of them cost more then a new unit.

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    Have a qualified tech replace the run capacitor. This is simplest part. If more than that, dispose of the unit and get a new one. Check out more durable higher efficiency units like the Santa Fe Advance. They are more efficient and durable.
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    How old is the unit? More than 2 years, probably compressor failure. Known to happen on this model. Pop the front cover off after it's been running for a while and check for ice buildup.... Sure sign.

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    LG may make good products, but I dont think I would got with an LG and expect a long life out of a dehumidifier. Plus the warranty process in my experience has been a huge pain in the but.

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