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    this is my first time posting pictures so i dont even know if im doing it right. but anyway i frequent this board alot and i finally got enough "guts" to post pictures. im 20 years old, been doing new construction full time for about a year now, used to work in the field with my father during my summers off school so i learned alot with him. these pics are from a new development ive been workin on for some months now, lemme know what you guys think, and what i should improve on. all advice is greatly appreciated. thanks.

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    sorry about the size of the pics, not sure how to resize?

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    Workmanship looks too good to be new contruction Sure won't find it around here.

    Get yourself a photo program and resize pix to 640x480 before uploading, makes it so much easier on us to view them. And turn the pictures upright so the drains don't come out the top

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    nice looking job. just pisses me off when i walk into a new $750,000 house around here and find a g40 furnace and a 10acc condensing unit.

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    Looks like the condensate tube might be pinched a bit by that 2nd to last zip tie. lol, sorry had to find something to pick on ya about

    Looks mighty good to me. Especially the insulation part. I just got done doing an attic yesterday that had to be all wrapped.... my god I'm glad I'm not an insulator. Not only does it itch and all that good stuff, I can't make it look near as good as yours.

    Keep taking and postin pix for us.

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    it's funny because before we install in any of these houses, the homeowner is offered many upgrades ranging from humidifiers to 410a equipment or 90% G60 furnaces but only a few of the many are willing to pay more for the better equipment. you'd think that since there spending 800,000 on their house they might as well spend a little more for better eqiupment.

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