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    I'm calling it a controller,

    I used one this week for the first time, and I got to tell ya, I was impressed. I don't do much residential work anymore but man it has changed since I did. This control provides,

    1.) Temp control
    2.) smart recovery
    3.) Humidifier on\off control ( runs 24VAC coil through its contacts for solenoid) although I used a pilot relay anyway.

    4.) Provides humidity reset via outdoor air temp.

    5.) Provides low ambient lockout of mechanical cooling.

    6.) provides short cycle time delay

    7.) Adjustable anticipator (cycle)

    8.) Indexes furnace and blower to proper speed and initiates a dehum cycle when needed.

    9.) The cost was pretty reasonable.

    Yeah it takes a lot of wires, but the config is clear, and the end user programming is pretty simple.

    So what I am wondering is,

    1.) Are there any others that can do all the same functions with all the configs, dual fuel, multiple staging of each, hum control, smart recovery, easy programming , asthetically pleasing ?

    2.) Should I have any concerns ?

    3.) If I asked you what I should be aware of with this stat , what would you say ?

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    The carrier Dual fuel thermostats have been around for quite a while and the earlier models have been very reliable. Lennox has a similar control as does honeywell, aprilaire, white rodgers and probably others. If I were you though, I would ve pretty satisified with that control.

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