Well on the second try it was fixed. After this reputable so called companys secretary messed up on getting the thermopride man here with the tech(which i mostly arranged) then saying to the tech(sec called him on the cell to say that) it was covered even though he supposedly new nothing about another guy coming, took the part, I figured okay since it was covered . The lady at the hvac place called me later in the day and said how did thing s go i said fine he FINALLY found it a connector tube or fuel ine. A one minute fix. She then said you are not covered, that the tech said it has nothing to do with anything and its a cracked fuel line thats all she kept yelling at me and she said i talked to the thermopride man and he said thats he 's not covering it and we need to get paid. What a nasty lady and what a lying tech. I called the company(thermopride) and said she's lying and it has alot to do with everything. Long story short, he said he call me back on Monday .yes it was a warranted( i guess it had alot to do with something) item and that he would pick up half of the bill (for me second call) and i have to pay the other. I know it was a factory defect since i asked was this attached to the burner out of the factory and he said yes. What would the installer have to do with it. One end was flared and the other so called cracked end was just jagged and malformed. I will send in a check also with my own comments to the owner who serviced it. After 21 years there and to be treated this way is sick. 2 years of this is enough already.