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    Ok, I thought I knew what I was doing.. BUT In researching indirect heaters, I found mostly two types, steel tanks with a lining and stainless steel. I figured the stainless steel would be best since they required no anode rod or anything. Im feeding it with PH neutral Softened water that seems very clear.

    My heating Company says I should use a Vaughn with a stone lining but I cant find any information on reliability etc. They differ in a number of ways. They have a totally different plumbing setup it seems and a smaller heat exchanger. They also only come with a seven year waranty as standard rather than lifeltime. They sell a extended lifetime warranty for 100.00. These things are not cheap to have installed and I would hate to buy something destined to explode all over the floor in five years.

    Does anyone have any experiewnce with them good / bad or otherwise. Perhaps Im making too much out of it.

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    That concrete lining makes them weigh a ton! That and the removable coil for cleaning make them good for well water homes that will leave deposits and sediment. Unless you have water that's way off the PH or chloride scale, just get a stainless steel indirect with a smooth coil, bottom drain and inspection port so it can be drained and hosed out every few years.

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    Agree with John.

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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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