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    Hi all,
    I know I probaly shouldn't be trying to do this myself, but I don't have the money to pay someone. Anyhow I bought a new furnace and am now going to attempt to install it. So I have 2 questions to start with. I don't see an air intake precut hole, do I cut one myself? What size does the plenum need to be? I will post specs in a minute. TIA.

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    don't waste your time posting. DIY advise not allowed.
    why would you try to install the most dangerous appliance in your house yourself, when you don't even know where to cut the friggn hole????????????

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    just curious, where did you get the furnace from?

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    (we can't help DIY, due to site rules )

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    Leonjaimes; as you probably are aware of NOW, this site has 2 different rule meanings .These rules are very "contradictory.
    "feel free to ask any questions relating to hvac.
    Hvac pros; homeowners are welcome to ask, questions etc.
    NOTE; most homeowners are actually diyers. How can you tell?
    Anyways, give us some more info as to size of home ,furnace specs, location, etc. Btw, there should be "knockouts in the sides of the unit for assembly of a filter frame/return.
    Post away, pal, all they can do is throw you and maybe me off.

    I guess the main reason for this site (if no body can give help to a diyer, ) is just for a chit-chat among so-called pros who really have nothing to discuss as they apparently think they know it all. Com'on you guys (and girls) help a diyer out. You know that most diyers, (not all), end up creating MORE work for the trade in the long run.

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    (improper post...Closed)

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