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    I am in the process of researching furnaces to replace a very old one. Currently the furnace is attached to a chimmney stack specifically for the furnace. I have had several companies come out and give estimates. Only one indicated they would eliminate the use of the chimmney and run it directly thru the wall to the outdoors. Is this reasonable. What else should I look for concerning installation procedures. I live in MI (between Detroit and Flint). I have a 1650 sqft two story colonial with a partial finished basement wheer the furnace will be housed. Opinions on Gibson? Thanks.

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    I to am from MI, Berkley. Gibson an average product. It is made by Nordyne. Definatly go with a 90% furnace. Make sure a chimney liner is pulled for the orphaned water heater unless its electric or you have a metal chimney. Request a load calculation and that a permit be pulled so the system can be inspected. You may email me at HauserHVACXwowwayXXX if you have any more questions.

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    Sidewall termination is fine as long as you have proper clearances.

    Check the first link in my sig. It's written from the perspective of a California contractor. But much of it will apply to you as well.

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    Mi. needs help or should I say the lions.

    Go with the 90 afue but make sure it is a two stage furnace this will help reduce your gas bill even more.Make sure they install a two pipe furnace some contractors are lazy and don't install the intake pipe.


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