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    Smile AOP Launched

    Welcome to the HVAC-Talk section to Ask Our Pros about fireplaces, chimneys, hearth appliances and venting! Please read the AOP rules before posting. We will try to answer you as fully, courteously and professionally as we are allowed by Site Rules. Please pay special attention to the disclaimers, which may address a lot of questions out of hand.

    Keep in mind we are not physically at your house so you will need to describe what you have or what you are contemplating including make, model, mfg. date where possible and so on. It's pretty hard to give us too much information but very easy to omit relevant details.

    Ask away!

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    i know that preway is out of business but i have a 1980 fireplace that i have put vent less gas logs in,the problem is i need to put a blower in this fireplace,it has a receptacle for use with optional they make universal blowers?i have been using these for about 10 yrs.

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    Hi Allen and welcome. Actually, you should start a new thread when the subject changes such as this case but that's alright for now.

    VF logs can only be installed into factory built fireplaces listed for use with ventfree. Since the listing option for ventfree was not introduced into UL 127 until 1998 so yours cannot possibly be listed for that use. I strongly recommend you discontinue using it and remove it. The framing around your fireplace could be charring (pyrolysis), which lowers the ignition temp. and can result in an unfriendly fire.

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    thanks,i wasn't aware of that.I will take your advice and buy an insert that already has a blower

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