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    It was 130 deg. on a black roof at 8:00 p.m. on Thursday night. I had 2 Intellipacs down
    There's TREACHERY AFOOT!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by madhat View Post
    When you wake up and it's above 80 F. The sun hasn't even come up yet.

    BTW 90% of our calls have been nuisance calls. Got to love these Government workers. Called security on one of them yesterday.
    You're preachin to the choir, brother! I was pulled off PS work the last couple of weeks and did about 95% of my time on no cools. 6/10 were nuisance no cools, where people don't understand that the machine isn't a f***in magic box, just because you put the stat at 74 doesn't mean on a 99*/85% humidity day you will get that... ; 2/10 were something simple, like a capacitor low or dead so the fan wasn't running fast enough; 1/10 was low charge or a coil restriction, and the other 1/10 was a brick-a-brack deal of things: stuck/open CFM, burned contactor, mouse chewed the freakin high voltage wire and fried to it causing a short to ground.
    "It's not an OLD unit, it's a testament to old school manufacturing of quality over quantity."

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    I do not miss the summer service work. I love the industry and love that I switched to Controls 5 yrs ago!! I do feel your pain fellas

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    enjoy this...we got a problem penthouse unit with a tad over a hundred tons. this is a new install. factory has my guys working in the condenser, on the leaving side of the coils playing with charge, documenting everything. unit is designed at 130 plus condensing at 95. it hit over 100 for severla days as they are doing this. head pressure running in the low six hundreds. That place is hot. I had refrigerant cap in my pokcet, when I went to pull it, it was too hot to hold. cant stay in there long....

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    its times like this im glad (in some respects) i do in house restaurant maintenance. I can take care of my units before the summer hits. I think last time i spent more then a hour of a rooftop was in lay may or early june. Too Hot for me

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