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    I'm looking at a Trane XB80 downflow furnace. The insulation panels on the blower cabinet have started to separate from the sheet metal cabinet.

    Does this insulation come from the Trane as part of the cabinet, or was this done by the installer?

    Anyone have an exploded view of the product showing the insulation?

    Thanks in advance...

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    They don't currently insulate the blower compartment on the XB80 furnaces, and I have never seen one that was, but that doesn't mean they never did. We don't sell any of the XB products

    The blower compartment on the XR80 is insulated, but it is just glued in with some sort of hot glue, and tends to come loose over time if the furnace is installed in a hot environment.

    The insulation is mechanically secured, as well as glued, in the XL and XV furnaces, I have seen a few that came through with just the glue though.
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    I have had alot of problems with insulation comming loose and causing frozen coils but mostly on package units.

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    In this case, the motor burned out. When the insulation panel separated from the cabinet, it blocked the blower inlet and then caused the motor to burn up.

    Trane's literature on the XB80 indicates that they insulate the heat exchanger section of the cabinet. I don't know if that includes the blower section.

    Have you seen XB80 units with insulation panels around the blower section?

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