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    AHH, the lost tribe surfaces!! I thought it was . . . ?????
    damn straight

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    i thought xenon was a private label amana for airtime 500/one hour heating & ac.

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    seems like Xenon is one of those

    its whatever you want it to be...

    These contractors probably buy equipment from some manufacturer - whoever's willing to sell to them and they put the Xenon label on them.

    there is no warranty information on them... no details on what you are getting - features/materials nothing.

    How convenient?

    If you are on this web-site - you have taken not just the first steps but well on your way towards an "informed decision"...

    if so this lack of information is just plain quackery

    Thank God and hopefully others who come to this site will find out ... and hopefully google will pick this thread-up as well...

    so some of the "weak" and "old" (of which there is going to be more and more of - as the boomers age) are not taken advantage of.

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