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    hi guys . i need a programable thermostat for heat only . i cant find one. i guess they are all for heat and cool. do they make them for heat only? and also can anyone tell me about ritetemp t-stat model no 8022c are they any good or should i go for a honeywell?

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    They pretty much all have the heat/ cool switch.. it will still work for the heat only system.. just 2 or 3 less wires to hook up.

    Ritetemp are ok, but you are far much better to go with the Honeywell.

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    Vision pro 8000 series, in the installer set up, you can change it to heat only and it won't show the cooling buttons.

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    Most of the new Honeywells have a heat only setting in the installer set-up.
    (5000, 6000, 8000 series)

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