HO with a question...
Say you have a house with a tall cathedral ceiling upstairs and a living area downstairs as well. The house is well insulated and hardly needs any heat input on a sunny day even in a Michigan winter. The result is a 25 or 30 degree temp difference between the peak of the ceiling and the living area downstairs.
Given a lack of any air return from the ceiling, what's the best way to get some of that warm air from up top and use it to increase the comfort levels downstairs? A simple ceiling fan would be a no-brainer to mix up the air in the big room, but that won't help the downstairs.
Can you run a fan-assisted duct down from top to bottom? Should you instead run a new return to the furnace from the peak and then run the furnace fan? Is the easiest way just to run a ceiling fan and the furnace fan too?
Any ideas appreciated.