(I read the rules for posting here and as far as I know this is not against them)

We are getting bids and looking for a new split unit for our house because the Ruud one we have is 25 years old and not producing heat. The problem is we have a reverse basement house with 1,700sqft. (the front door enters in the lower level and the back door exits at the upper level) which is on a hill placing the lower lever almost completely underground. My wife has a photography studio in the first floor where she frequently takes portraits of babies and children...we need it warm down there. The unit will not be able to heat the lower level very well and we have electricity and not gas. My question is: What is the best way to heat the downstairs which contains a 12x22 room and a converted one car garage? We have looked at electric fireplaces but the most I can find is a 10,000 BTU with a 220 plug. I was wanting something that could maybe give more heat if it is needed.

Hopefully this is enough information and someone has an idea of an option we could look at. I am just at a loss of the best route to go. Thanks for the ideas and time guys!!!