I have a heat pump with gas furnace backup. I live in a two story home. The furnace is located at one end of the house in the garage. I know that I have an air flow problem that would best be solved by zoning or a second system. I cannot afford either at this time.

My problem is that the room closest to the furnace gets a lot of air and is significantly hotter than the rest of the house. Is there a problem with closing the vent in this room completely? I always have the doors open and there is a vent in the jack and jill bathroom next door. The upstairs return is out in the hallway about 5 feet from the door to this room.

What is so frustrating is that this room is at 73 degrees. The master bedroom at the other end of the house is at 66. The thermostat downstairs is set at 68.

If closing the vent is not the answer, does anyone have any recommendations?