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    Hi all,

    Just had my unit installed, and i'm trying to figure out how the balance pts are set on the following model..

    American Standard WCX030G100 Premium

    I have a vision pro 8000, and was wondering if i can add the outdoor temp sensor #C7089u and set the balance pts for the aux heat.

    Need some American Standard gurus to chip in on this one.

    Live in TN, so the balance point can be lower than most places.

    Also, i was wanting to wire up the "L" led connection, and was wondering if that is possible with this unit.

    Thanks for any help,


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    I personally would have the installing contractor come back and finish setting up the equipment correctly!

    Why didn't they set the VP (VisionPro) up?

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    I personally setup the Vision Pro myself while the contractors were gone to lunch and everything is setup fine according to them.

    However, the questions i have above are not covered in the American Standard installation manual. The Vision pro skips over those options for balance pt and outdoor sensor, LED, because they are not installed.

    Will that unit even support the vision pro setting balance point i do not know. It maybe a type that has to be set at the unit, and i'm not in the know.

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    To comment further, i don't think the HVAC contractor i have has done many vision pro installs. They did an excellent job on the hardware installation. This might be a non-issue if that AMerican Standard model above doesn't support such features.

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    You need to set the BP (balance point) from calculations that can tell you WHAT that setting needs to be.

    You need to know the HP (heat pumps) output data as well as the structure's load requirements.

    Everything else is just a guess.

    This is what you should have paid the contractor to do. That is why I suggested you have them finish the job.

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    I appreciate the input.

    The contractor in question did do a heat load calc to determine the correct size unit. I have the wrightsoft rightJ output.

    Now, regarding balance point calcs, doesn't that take in effect the number of heating days, avg temp, Rh, lots of other factors in your area vs. the COP of the heat pump itself?

    I have performance data of the unit the contractor gave me and i can compare its heating/cooling performance to the heat load calc. It is within the spec of the heat load.

    The real question is if it is even possible to to set the balance point on this unit and if it can be tied in with the vision pro if the external sensor is added?

    All the American standard install manual states is the electric coil aux heat kicks in when -2 deg from set temp.

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    From what i can tell from looking at the honeywell site and finding a similar Trane (American Standard) spec sheet with wiring diagram, all that would be required is the....

    Honeywell part #C7089U, and a two conductor (4 for reliability) stat wire hooked up to the S1 & S2 connections. This would allow the VP 8000 to control the balance pts....

    Look, I'm not looking for a DIY post here, just want to make sure this is the correct application.... you guys hear a potential DIY post, and you clam up like Fort Knox.....
    I didn't take years of thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, circuits, ciruit devices and systems, blah, blah, blah to listen to the "get the contractor to do it talk". I can read a wiring diagram for pete's sake.

    I definitely will have the contractor install it in order to not violate the warranty. I want to make sure it is installed correctly the first time. Like i said, the contractor i'm dealing with is first rate, but hasn't much experience with these VP units. By helping me, i can relay this information and help them in the long run. They have been very open to my input and i'm grateful...

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    If your contractor was first rate he would have no problem with these t stats as they are the standard t stat used today, i would bet he knows all about these stats & set it up according to the system you purchased, i get the vibe that this is another homeowner that likes to monkey with stuff he shouldnt. you should be asking your contractor the questions & having him take care of your needs, you can do a lot of damage intentional or not.

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    Wow, flame the poster and the contractor in one fell swoop! If you would have read above, you would have been enlightened in knowing that they explicitly stated they have only installed a few of the VP8000s.

    That's ok, just continue to live in your little HVAC oligarchy. All i was looking for is information, and to be properly informed does not predispose me as a "tinkerer", or "monkeying with stuff they shouldn't". No, but maybe someone with the knowledge to actually read wiring blueprints, and a general knowledge of the thermodynamic process, that would dare tread on the "unknown mystery" that is HVAC.

    Some of you are like magicians....trying to hide the "secrets of the trade", instead of informing people into making proper decisions.

    After speaking to one of the contractors techs, he concured with what i have stated above would work.

    I just wanted to make sure no additional relays would be needed.

    Besides, no way i'm going to do this job myself even though I feel i'm completely competent in doing so, for i went through my local utility and energy right program, so the contractor must do all the work and it be properly inspected afterwards.

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