I just moved into a new home (5 year old house) and wanted to install Honeywell programmable thermostats in the house replacing the current Honeywell Trol-A-Temp Manual dial thermostats. The house has a Bryant electric ignition gas furnace (forced hot air), central air condition, and set-up with two zones working of a Trol-A-Temp system with a Master / Slave set-up.

The wiring on the old thermostats is as follows:
Master – Main Level of House (R, W, Y, G, B, O) with the Heat/Off/Cool switch and Fan On/Auto Switch.
Slave – Upstairs Level of House (R, W, Y) with NO Heat/Off/Cool switch or Fan On/Auto Switch.

I replaced the Master Thermostat with the Honeywell CT8602 and that seems to be working fine on the Main Level.

The issue I have is with the Slave Thermostat and the upstairs zone. The heat will not come out of the upstairs vents unless the Master Thermostat kicks on the furnace when the temperature goes below the temperature setting on the main level of the house. If the upstairs thermostat (slave) is set to 72, the Master thermostat on the main level is set to 65, and the actual temperature through the house is 68, the furnace will not kick on to heat the upstairs to the 72 degree temperature.

In addition, when I hooked up a basic programmable Honeywell thermostat in place of the slave, it seems to be that the heat will only come out of the upstairs vents if the Heat/Off/Cool switch is set to ‘OFF’ AND when the Master thermostat kicks on the furnace. When I switch it to ‘HEAT’, no heat comes out of the upstairs vents.

--> Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of having a second zone?

--> Is there something I am doing wrong? Ideally I would like to have a programmable thermostat both upstairs and downstairs.

--> Lastly, I could of sworn the AC would be kicked on when I turned the temperature down on the slave thermostat upstairs, but never checked to see if air would still come out of all vents both upstairs and on the main level. Would the heating and cooling work differently with the Slave thermostat?

Any advice / suggestions would be greatly appreciated.