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    Are all of the electric ( portable ) heaters all the same ? We switched to a gas log fireplace 10 years ago but here in ohio natural gas is goin up 50 percent ! We tried an old electric heater we had and it seemed to work fine but might cost just as much as using the gas fireplace . How about the oli filled heaters w/o a blower ? any suggestions ? thanks BH
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    Originally posted by bob hubbard
    any suggestions ? thanks BH
    Ask your boss for a raise.

    There really isn't a way to beat the rates without upgrading your central HVAC.
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    Time to change that gas log fireplace to a woodburning one, until the price of wood goes up.We have plenty of wood here in Florida thanks to the hurricanes....
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    Electric heat is 100% efficent. Fancy new heaters can't realy do any better. If you want to spend money: insulate.

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    Time to get a dual fuel system.

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