High velocity system going in. Nice install I think. Must be very efficient being that the heat is produced by hot water and the cyclonic action of the air(fills the room side to side and top to bottom) keeps a very even room temp heating the ceiling and the floor.

<img src="http://www.imagewiz.net/usr/seatonheating/25273_Picture_006.jpg">

Here is the name of the system we are putting in. Have any of you guys put this system in before? Looks like a very high quality product, even the homeowner(an engineer, ugh) mentioned how sturdy it looked. Not to mention the functionality.

<img src="http://www.imagewiz.net/usr/seatonheating/25274_Picture_007.jpg">

Here is the filter/air purifier we are mating to this system. With the filter and UV together he shouldn't have to worry about clean air huh? Maintenance doesn't seem to bad either considering 12 months is the time frame for it. I'm sure I'll be coming back out for that.

<img src="http://www.imagewiz.net/usr/seatonheating/25275_Picture_002.jpg">

Here is the water heating unit for the air handler. Again, seems like a high quality unit. It is a triangle tube(first time putting one of these in, maybe you guys can tell me how reliable it is). The plumber ran the water lines for it in PEX tubing. I think he is going to do all the hookups too. Although, it seems that with his work ethic I may be going to the supply house and doing it myself. Looks like a run to the parts house is in order. Don't mind it though, being in HVAC you learn to be a plumber. Except, my pants stay up,,he he

<img src="http://www.imagewiz.net/usr/seatonheating/25276_Picture_008.jpg">

Here is the air handler. Notice that the supply is only 10". Pretty amazing stuff. I probably did a little overkill on the return but I want this puppy to flow. Even added a scoop in the return air base can to improve flow. Added some time but I think it is worth it. These systems operate on 0.7 static total. With filter, air handler, and water coil it needs all the help it can get, don't you agree? Also notice that I applied mastic to all the joints. We are talking about an air tight system that should deliver the maximum in performance and I am very proud of that. Just wish I could get my helper to feel the same way.

<img src="http://www.imagewiz.net/usr/seatonheating/25277_Picture_003.jpg">

Here is some of the ducting in the attic. I made sure and routed all lines in the joist bays so that everything(yes plumbers and electricians I'm thinkg of you) can be accessed in the future. Again, all seams have mastic, hell, I even built the catwalk for everyone to work on. 20 dollars in plywood comes in handy!

Ductwork from another angle. Again notice this duct is small, only 10" round at its largest point. I wrapped it with r-8 insulation and when the homeowner blows in his own the attic the heat loss should be non-existent.

<img src="http://www.imagewiz.net/usr/seatonheating/25279_Picture_005.jpg">

And last, one final picture of how easily this duct fits into small places. Here in the Seattle area, there are a lot of old houses that need this flexibility. Think it is a good solution when structural and asthaetic integrity of a house is important. Hope we get to put a lot more of these systems in, I am enjoying it. By the way, this system is only about 60 or 70 percent complete, I will have final pics posted on Saturday. Bye all.