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    Coming a wholesaler close to you....3 stage equipment...

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    heard about that, not holding my breath. When it gets in stock at the distributor, then I will get excited.

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    using a 2 stage stat on a ruud/rheem mod will get you three stages.

    are you talking a/c?

    if you use the ruud/rheem stat(and sensors) you will get 11 stages of heat.

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    Our A-S supplier made that annoucement at a recent dealer meeting. Should have seen the look on his face when I pointed out Rheem blew that away years ago

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    3 Stage cooling...example--4 ton unit...instead of 2 two-ton compressors say you have a 1.5 ton stage that runs on slightly warm days/low load, a 2.5 ton compressor that runs on moderately warm days or higher cooling load...and during the hottest days highest cooling load....both compressors run. Couple that with a variable speed fan and an intelligent thermostat algorithm that's always clocking the outdoor temp....probably expensive but fun to think about

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