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    is there a reason why cold air is coming out from the return air vents. when the furnace is on . its not my house. i have steam heat. its my mother in-law house and she live too far for me to check it out .. i dont know to much about furnace but im willing to learn thanks guy..

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    Ill bet they're in the ceiling?...Remember cold air falls, warm air rises.

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    do you mean the way the ducts are run?

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    Possible that a makeup air duct has been connected to the return trunk. Maybe you are feeling a draft from that?

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    if it isa make up duct can it be fix to the point were she wont have cold air comming out.. thanks

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    If it is a make up air causing the drafts, Skuttle makes a damper that should fix the problem. Though I doubt that it is, after re reading your original post, you said when the furnace is running. Could be improper ducting.

    Is this house on a crawl space? If so, could also be return air ducting not sealed, or has openings...allowing cold air to infiltrate.

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    furnace is in the basement. supply vents are on top of the space return vents are in the bottom.

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    Does she have a zoned system,common problem with a bad design and zoning.

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    no zone dash.

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    jiandsu province in china
    also i want to know

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