I finally figured out (at least I think I have) what a indoor coil is I need to replace my condesing unit Lennox AC unit (model HS19-311V-2P, serial 5186E03525) installed in 1988. My furnace is a Trane XB80 with an indoor coil TXC037C4HPC0 (Hope I got that right) installed in 2003.

Reading post, people seem to say that if I replace my outdoor unit, I need to make sure that the coil in the condensing unit is matched with the indoor coil. Considering that the indoor coil was installed in 2003, I would believe that it is still good. (BTW, what kind of coil is it?). So, what kind of outdoor condesing unit could I get (I do not care much about manufacturer) that would match, is reliable and quiet (quiet is important to me)