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    I finally figured out (at least I think I have) what a indoor coil is I need to replace my condesing unit Lennox AC unit (model HS19-311V-2P, serial 5186E03525) installed in 1988. My furnace is a Trane XB80 with an indoor coil TXC037C4HPC0 (Hope I got that right) installed in 2003.

    Reading post, people seem to say that if I replace my outdoor unit, I need to make sure that the coil in the condensing unit is matched with the indoor coil. Considering that the indoor coil was installed in 2003, I would believe that it is still good. (BTW, what kind of coil is it?). So, what kind of outdoor condesing unit could I get (I do not care much about manufacturer) that would match, is reliable and quiet (quiet is important to me)



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    Your indoor coil is a Trane coil. The outdoor unit is a 2.5 ton unit.
    That coil is still in production, and the entire range of 2.5 ton Trane R-22 outdoor units will match up with it if that is the size that is required. That coil is also compatable with other size outdoor units.
    Ideally you would want to get a load calculation done and select an outdoor unit that matches up with that coil to give the desired capacity. Or if the old 2.5 ton unit has been cooling the house properly, you can do what 99.9% of people do and just drop another 2.5 ton outdoor unit in.

    Make sure they install the correct orifice in the indoor coil to match the new outdoor unit, or better yet, install a TXV.

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