I am homeowner, trying to decide what to do. Heil Model PGAE42E1K5, Serial No L9750 32943, running heat on Propane. Service man said that it is 12 seer unit. Nashville TN area.

Unit most recently has failed heat exchanger. 3 months ago, replaced condenser fan. the Evaporator failed in first two years covered under warranty. About 1 1/2 months ago, unit had leak in evaporator coil, and was repaired with some kind of new stop-leak product. That appeared to work, and it cooled ok for last month of season.
Have had so much more trouble out of this unit than my former Carrier, I wonder if I should keep fixing things, or go ahead and replace the unit. Have present quote of $XXX labor to replace the heat exchanger, and was told the part is under warranty. Ws told that propane is more corrosive, and burn out is to be expected. Also worry that when had leak, the compressor was asid to be "hot enough to cook and egg". I worry that the life has been compromised. I will live in this house for 20+ more years. What would you do?

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