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    since I'm not a tech I'm allowed to say more than just "call a pro"

    Rules still apply...

    (we can't help DIY, due to site rules )

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    No trenton, thats not what I am saying. From what you were stating on here, you know very little about heat pumps. It is against the rules of this site to give technical information to do it yourselfers!

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    So you go out and buy another stat, and burn some thing up on the heat pump, how much money did you save your lady friend?

    You don't know what your talking about.
    Heatpumps don't use 24 volt DC to the stat.

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    Bite the bullet. Your lady friend will thank-you for it. The potential for damage is great. Get it fixed by a Pro. She will recover the cost for the service call in energy savings...We understand money is tight...but a service call is cheaper than a new system.

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    Just wondering, How is Trenton-guy a professional member?

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    Originally posted by trenton_guy
    i understand the basics ....i know that the thermostat is powered by 24 volts d.c. i know that the signal to the heatpump must run thru a power relay to trip the 220volt system ...i know that the heatpump is designed to reverse depending on the season. I understand that the thermostat leads must be connected to its proper function common / fan/ heat 1/ heat2/ cool/fan etc... I think I know how to read amp draw to determine if its possibly a bad compressor. The thing runs cold when the therm. is calling for heat and it runs hot when the therm. is calling for cool the mean time the emergancy heat indicator light stays on. I thought she might be able to save some money if its nothing major. My next thought is just to suggest she buy the same make and model thermostat and switch them out if that fixes the problem the work is done ...if it dosnt ...return the thermostat back to the store and assume that its crossed wires some where.
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