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    Originally posted by krd

    So in perspective just because their the (gas company) it doesn't mean they know a damn thing about furnaces or even gas for that matter, It just means they happened to get a job working for the gas company.
    I agree 100% most gas service guys I talk with have not been properly trained in how to diagnose a CO problem.

    Yet they are the gas company so they must be all knowing on CO issues, same thing goes for the fire department also. They are sincere in wanting to help they just need the training.

    BTW, no offense to the good gas guys who really do know what they are doing. You know who you are.
    Have you set up a Google alert for Carbon Monoxide yet?
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    new method for finding broken heat exchangers with camera's....... DUH!!! GET THAT THING OUTTA THERE!!!! don't listen to some jackass that wants brownie points with ya it aint a contest on who can let ya die or not....if its broke... GET IT OUTTA THERE!!!

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    I read both good advice here and at the same time a load of xxxx!

    If you find a crack, or even suspect a crack, and don't disable the equipment, for who cares what reason, you will find yourself liable in a court of law, if something happens to the owner. Common sense means nothing. Putting things in writing means nothing.

    We were shown two videos of a situation that happened with a contractor condemning a furnace due to a crack. The homeowner called for a second opinion and they found no crack. The consumer people at the tv news channel got hold of it and began accusing the first contractor of lying in order to sell a new furnace. On a followup episode they called in their own expert and filmed him making an inspection. . . his conclusion "there's a crack, but it isn't serious."

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    And what was the outcome?

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