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    Yeah thanks that's where the confusion is and the work around seems to be an external relay.
    That or go with the white roger 371 I think. Funny
    I posted asking for people to compre the two and mjority seemed to think the VP was superior however this application seems to be it's drawback.
    I guess a single HP w/2stage fossil isn't the ordinary

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    On fossil fuel
    I’ve set up several of these and if the furnace is before the A-coil there is a time that both furnace and HP are running. Not a good idea. I put the relay in just as a safety so both cant run at the same time. I’d rather not get into detail in an open forum but on the setup what keeps the furnace off between 35 and 50 deg’s??? Lets continue this in a secure site.

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    Sounds like a plan...

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