Our new two stage heat pump came pre-charged for about a 15 foot line set. Ours is almost 40 feet, so it’s likely we need a careful charge involving some additional refrigerant. Our dealer has emphasized in the past that relatively warm weather above 60 is important to getting the charge correct.

After waiting 14 months to have our heat pump moved onto its pad from our driveway and 3 months for the lines to be brazed, these two things were finally done last week. But the individuals who connected the lines and tested the vacuum did not check the charge or add any refrigerant. They told us that the dealer would do the pressure test, etc., when he gets around to it. A quick call confirmed that he has no plans to do so in the short term. He told us he didn’t know when he could make it out here, but it would be at least several weeks and possibly several months.

We’re now in the final days of 55-60 degree weather for this fall. Within a short time we’ll have to wait for spring to find a day warm enough for ideally charging the system. How much does this matter to the efficiency of the heat pump in the upcoming heating season? Should we contact another dealer to have the system charged while we still have some warm weather left, or is it reasonable to go through a first heating season with potentially too little charge?