I trust the opinions/feed back from here... I have a (can't recall exact btu furnace now, but small, maybe 40k) nat'l gas furnace and 40-gal gas water tank vented in an unlined, brick chimney, original from the 50's. New furnace is still only the ~80% eff., but has the inducer fan/draft, and after installation contract, now I'm told I will have condensation issues with cold, unlined chimney - need to have it lined with flex liner (appx 20-25' total).
SS are hurting $$$$$$, aluminum ones much, MUCH more rea$onable, and come with a decent 20-25 yr warranty. Supposedly. Would you allow/do an aluminum? Never consider it? I'm trying t do some research before I sign, and it appears one could buy the alum 'kit' for about $100-120... now, installing it, that's another animal! Can I get a rough est if this was the only work to be done, meaning, if I was not to call back the furnace installer, would another HVAC guy be intersted in this, of is it not a big enough job, or wouold they just make the price up to make it worth their while since they didn't get the furance install too?