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    Coil/Condenser Sizing Question

    I was replacing my 10 seer 3ton plenum coil and 2.5ton condenser with a new 3ton 13seer r-410a condensing unit and box coil. One guy who came and gave us a quote mentioned that we should do a 3.5ton condenser and 3ton coil to get a little bit more cooling for the texas heat. I thought you could go bigger on the coil but not on the cond unit. Thoughts?

    I ran across another thread on here that said it was possible to have the bigger unit, but that its really only economical if you live in a high humidity area. I live in Dallas, so we primarily just have dry summer heat without much humidity.

    Will the 3.5ton condensing unit on a 3ton cooling increase my cooling at all, or be recommended in the Texas weather? It's only about $150 more for the equipment cost, but don't want to waste the money if its not necessary.

    Thank you in advance for your comments.

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    Here's the link to the thread I was reading, but it was somewhat garbled and parts of it didn't make sense to me.

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