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    I currently have a Lennox G12Q3(or O3)-82-4 natural gas furnace rated at 82,000 BTUH. It's about 20-years old. It works OK and my only complaint is the odd "hamper filter" it uses. The filter is a loose piece of filter material I wrap around a piece of what looks like garden fence. My daughter has allergies and It would be nice to be able to use a better filter. Can I retrofit this unit to take a new filter? Also, would it be cost effective for me to replace the whole thing with a more efficient new furnace since gas prices will be high this winter?

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    depending on return ducts you may be able to have filter rack installed or there may be room inside furnace. if heating bills are high jumping up to 94% furnace may be good idea. would not do it just for an 80% if still working.

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    It's called a hammock filter and more efficient media is available. When properly installed (DO NOT trim the edges!), it does a fairly decent job.

    20 years is the life expectancy of a typical furnace, so replacing it isn't a bad idea. (even if efficiency wasn't a factor)

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    I also have a G12 installed about 1975 or so. The hammock style filter is a little bit of a pain, but works just fine

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    if you are planning on staying in your home, upgrading would be a good idea at this point.

    you will not only have a more efficient system, but the accessories such as high efficiency filtration, humidification, de-humidification, two (or better yet, modulating) staged heat will make a world of difference in the comfort level of your home.

    get some recommendations from friends, family or co-workers that have had a good experience with different contractors in your area. then get a few bids.

    good luck.

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