I have a newly installed Trane dual fuel system. Last night at 3am a loud humming from the utility room awakened me. I found the heat pump was running, and the blower was not. The temperature at the point where the outside lines run into the furnace was hot enough to burn my finger. I then turned off the system via the thermostat and turned on the fan only. The blower starts it slow ramp up and after about ~4 seconds it stops. Then the whole furnace goes into a 3 second shutter every ~10 seconds. Allowing the heat pump to operate even though the blower is not on seems to be a design flaw. What if the backup gas heat were to come on? Would it have gone into an overtemp on/off cycle? What if I was away for the weekend when this occurred? I have called the installer, but should I also contact Trane? Also, there was a moderate vibration of the blower after installation. I informed the installers but was told there was no issue at this time.