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    NEED GE ECM 0-1400 RPM motor

    Need a ge ecm 0-1400 rpm motor. This goes on a Carrier unit vav from 2002.

    Went to carrier and they want to sell me the modular and motor. Just need the motor already have a modular that i bought and mis-diagnoticed.

    Trane sells there motors and modulars seprately way wont carrier$$$$$

    Does anyone know of a parts house or place i can find this motor.

    Looked on ebay and found this Removed Link
    Looking for 3/4 hp but I think I can make 1/2hp work


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    have a motor shop fix the old motor and that $$$$ might not look so bad

    go back to where you got the drive and get the motor
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    carrier does not sell the motor with out the module. only the other way around, because it is very rare for the motor to be bad.

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    I don't see why he couldn't just get the motor only from Trane. Doesn't the module itself determine rotation, rpms,ect...along with board? By the way i have a brand new in box 3/4 to 1hp 0-1400 rpm motor. Make an offer.

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