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Thread: Freon Leak?

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    Freon Leak?

    I am trying to locate a leak, we had 5lbs put in a month ago but not cooling properly. I touched the supply line outside and it was basically warm to the touch while unit was running. I then shut the blower off where the gas/inside condenser unit is. Waited a few minutes and touched the supply line again, very cool/cold at this point. Is the leak at the inside condenser?

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    Impossible to tell where leak is without a leak search, could be anywhere.

    Best to call the tech and have him come back and do a full leak search this time, if it is indeed low again.

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    Those copper pipes are connected to two coils one inside and one outside the leak could be anywhere in or between those two coils.

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    thanks for the input, considering putting in a used lennox 3 ton which would be a 1 ton upgrade. for 1700sq ft. Its an 7 year old system for $@@@ installed complete with inside unit. 30 day warranty.
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    You don't want to upsize if the old unit keeps up. Going up 1 ton in this case would be a downgrade, not an upgrade.

    30 day warranty? LOL I couldn't recommend that deal.

    By the way, pricing is not allowed here.

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    Sorry about pricing, Why wouldn't I want to upgrade to a bigger size? The 20 year old unit is a 2 ton and the 2 car garage was converted to a media room without upgrading the ac or gas heat. The lennox I am considering includes AC, furnace and condenser that sits on top of it. Not sure how I would lose tonnage? 30 days is all I could expect for a used system, and my current energy bills equals the amount I will have paid by the end of summer at the rate it's going. If something goes wrong it seems better to fix a newer unit than a 20 year old unit.

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    You would not loose tonnage, only comfort. Humidity control is a major component of personal comfort and a grossly over sized unit will not do well in this area.
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    But the unit I have now is undersized according to "AC guys" the house is around 1700 square ft and in Dallas where its been a million degrees everyday for the last month+

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    You need to have a professional come in and do a Manual J and Manual D. Find a reputable contractor in your area to do this and it will save you in the long run. Do it right the first time and it will keep you comfortable for the next 20 years.

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