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    [i]Originally posted by docholiday
    Starting against a load with a VS is hard and I am suspect that the inrush amps to charge the capacitors would be huge. Freq drives have been used for years but not any more efficient. But hey thinking outside the box is always good. [/B]
    Yup. Remember the grossly over controlled Trane XV1500's? Compressors had a very unique sound as they started and ramped up.

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    Is improving efficiency by outrageous standards really worth it in the long run(better and better insulation,tighter houses,higher seer)? Now you need more fresh air than ever to prevent sick building syndrome, and it's going to get worse. Adding this outside air instantly effects the units efficiency, so it's more efficient,but runs longer. Not to mention all the bad backs out there from lifting these monster condensers. A 5 ton 19 seer might just be the right size for the 8x10 shed slab you have out back....
    If everything was always done "by the book"....the book would never change.

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    Of course there is room for improvement. I don't clame to know how but to think there are no more improvments to be made is kind of like the greatest minds in the world at one time beleaving the world was flat. What about things like var. speed compressor motors, aor working on better oils.I dont know the answer ,but i do know that technology will never stop improving

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