Dan from SW FL was helping me size my heat pump and has went out of his way to help me with loads and sizing my system. In the morning I have to notify my contractor on what equipment to order which I plan to have installed in a week or so. I sent an e-mail to Dan this evening but unfortunately my mail server went down so I am forced to ask the question to the forum to see what you guys think so I have an answer in the morning.

I believe Dan is having me oversize my heat pump based on my loads using a 2 stage compressorized system. The intent is to get as much electric heat out of the heat pump and plan to only run on the 1st stage of the cooling capacity based on the load calculations. For example if my first stage of cooling will give me up to 3.5 tons (which is my peak load) of cooling on a 5 ton unit that he is recommending that I install the 5 ton unit to gain the additional heating capacity. I'm in Kansas City so my weather is much different than Florida. Any thoughts.

Dan, I appoligize if I mis-state anything that you have told me but like I said I'm at a loss for getting any e-mail due to my internet provider having my mail server down. If you happen to read this thread I want you to know that I am very grateful for all that you have done to assist me.