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    freeing condenser coils

    I have two chest freezers (one a fridge conversion) that I use off grid in baja.I removed the outer metal skin,freed the coils,added 3 inches of foam then covered with frp and reattached the coil on the outside. I also relayed a 12vdc fan blowing on the compressor.
    my questions: do these freed coils make a more efficient appliance or does the metal sheeting disperse the heat better? also does a fan blowing on the compressor cool it at all? and would a small fan inside the box add anything?
    these units are being used in 110 degree heat.
    thanks guys im gonna try to attach a pix.
    nope cant figure that out
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    chest freezer

    Name:  untitled.bmp
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Size:  56.3 KB okay heres the chest freezer

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    it's looks beautiful.
    1,sheet metal is better than frp.
    2,the fan blow on compressor is not necessary, if 110 degree is inside designing condition.
    3,if evaporator is a coil reattached on inside skin, the fan is waste.

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