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    Hi folks, Ive just a bout setteled on a furnace, or thought I did. I was pretty much sold on trane xl90 2 stage, contractor #3 tells me that 2 stage w/out variable speed will cost to much in elec. I am more confused than ever. All three are right on with size. One thinks return downflow of 8x20 could be enlarged to create more turns. Any help?

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    The main difference between the XL90 and the XV90 is the blower. On the XL it uses a standard A/C blower, similar to a conventional furnace. The XV uses a D/C motor. The XV will save on your electric bill. But I don't know if I would let that influence your decision too much.

    Nice thing about the XL is you get the benifits of 2 stage with out the added cost of the XV. However variable speed really adds to the two stage benifit.

    That being said, as a contractor I have never sold an XL, or offered one. If you are going to two stage, go with the XV.

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    If yur going to spend that kind of money ( for an XL or XV ), then why not go ahead with variable speed. Its all about comfort, right...(not payback).


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    XV much quieter than xl and xv90 helps in a\c mode in taking out humidity. Also if you want to filter air,d/c motor cheaper to run.
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    Variable speed is great.. As the other guys says,

    -It's quiet (if your duct is sized right)

    -Cheaper to run the fan 24/7 in the winter to help balance out air temp.

    -Best of all comfort!

    I think it's well worth the money for it.

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