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    I looked at the humidifier drain and it does drain into a Y pipe shared by the heater which goes to the condensate pump.

    I should ask the tech to install a separate condensate pump for the humidifier? Is that how it is supposed to be done properly?

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    i would replace the black trap that could partly clogged from pvc shavings,dirt ,glue and check and make sure the hoses going to the trap arent kinked partly,furnace level.the water is being trapped before the it possible when they glued the 1/2 pvc to the trap that excessive amounts of glue partly clogged up.did they use glue on the hose side to help the clamp seal the hoses.i seen this before.
    good luck

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    Condensation in pressure switch

    Just a thought; some pressure switches have a very small orifice in the hose bib on the pressure switch.

    This small opening allows any moisture in the connecting hose to drain away from the switch.

    It is possible this hole is either stopped up with foreign matter or the hose is slipped too far on the bib and blocking it.

    Best regards...

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    I appreciate all of your suggestions! Service is scheduled for next week. More details to follow ...

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    what does plastic pressure switch have to do with condesate problem???????????????????? new one to me.. never heard of such sh*t

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